Hosted Voice Over IP Systems in Rochester, NY

Do you still rely on traditional phone lines for your business communications in Rochester, NY? Allow your employees greater ease and convenience for their communication needs with hosted VoIP systems. Genesis Communication Inc. offers all the features you need for successful phone calls, emails, and web conferencing.

Why Choose Hosted Voice Over IP Systems?

Perhaps you’ve considered VoIP systems before but don’t want to deal with the extra hardware that can come with it. However, hosted VoIP systems are different. We offer VoIP over the cloud, which allows you to enjoy VoIP without requiring extra space for servers and hardware.

Additionally, hosted VoIP system providers take care of the hardware for you. You won’t have to employ an IT technician when you have our ready and available support staff to help.

Best of all, hosted VoIP systems are more affordable than other systems. You won’t have to deal with the costs of using landlines, nor will you have to pay for all the equipment necessary for an on-site VoIP system.

What Can We Offer You?

When you choose Genesis Communications Inc. for your hosted VoIP system needs, you get access to secure, robust, and quality VoIP features. Besides necessary elements like caller ID, you also can benefit from easy system setup, call analytics, video conferencing, and calls to anywhere in the world.

If you have issues with your system, we have a support center that’s always available to help. And for your peace of mind, we provide strong encryption methods and password protection to keep conversations private and secure. And if you worry about phone communication snags, we always provide quality video and audio for crystal-clear communication.

How Can You Learn More?

Do you want to discover what our hosted VoIP systems can do for your business? Please call us at (585) 225-1829 or fill out our online form.

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